Wednesday, August 10, 2016



So almost three years later and I find this little pile of dirt, debris and debauchery sitting here just gathering more dust.
So yeah if this post is any indication then I guess I still reside somewhere among the likes of the living. Still trying to scrape by with zero effort while other around me give their best to secure a better future for themselves. And what am I doing most of my days?

Voil gamer-girl
#Art By Koul

Yeah... That.

And derping on the interwebs I guess. Not having friends is one of the greatest benefits of the social outcast caste, which entitles me to a lot more free time and a lot less worrying about who to impress and how to go by doing said impressing.

I may or may not continue this blog thingy. If not now then maybe in another couple of years when I accidentally brush the dust off of it with my tail.

See you when I see you. 'Till then, have fun will ya?!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Be strong, for those around you may carry faces of hurt...

How can you tell when your life has become meaningless?
When will you realize nobody cares?
What will you do when you are left alone?
Who will you turn to when there is noone by your side?
Will you struggle in hope of a better tomorrow?
Or will you use what courage you have left and change things today?

- Yunor

What choice will you make when your time comes? Will you be the hero everyone needs or will you cower like the rest? Ignorant to the hurt and pain around you for as long as you can remain happy?

These kinds of questions are what save many from commiting suicide. They say that suicide is a cowards escape but in reality it takes inhuman ammounts of courage to actually pull the trigger. If you know somebody who is hurting right now, somebody who is in desperate need for love and affection, go to them and be the pillar of trust and comfort that has been destroyed underneath their feet. Be corageous and change the world. One person at a time...

Live free... Love free...

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hype FTW!

Yaaaay for being gay <3
What up fellas! So I've been thinking that what this blog needs is way WAY more senseless hype about nothing in particular!
Fellas! Hey Fellas! What up, look I've got a BIG rock <3

Have Fun till next time <3 Hope this lil' stupid post has brightened your day just a little <3

Friday, April 5, 2013

In The Eyes Of A Legend

Well its a little late but my april fools prank is da-done! <3 Yayuh!

Nothing beats a big ass week long planned prank on a teacher that almost everybody hates. that is almost certain to secure you a spot as a school legend.

Some of you might be wondering what on Earth compelled me to prank a teacher. Well the answer is fairly simple: if you are a hardass homophobic teacher that is willing to humiliate a student because he is gay, well then you're just asking for a whoopin'!!! <3<3<3

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A World Through My Eyes

There is nothing better than to relaxe after a long day, listen to some chilling beats and let yourself loose in a universe of your own creation.

Then pick up your favorite controller and power up on some well paced action from Bioshock Infinite <3
Honestly there is no better way of winding down for the day than to sit back in your comfortable gaming chair, a few chilled soft drinks at your side while you try to evade every little bullet aimed at you.

It truly is a unique atmosphere for a gamer. But it is not as unique as the atmosphere of those who enjoy and soak in every moment of their lives. Be it in the woods, in the vibrant cities of tomorrow or behind a simple yet inovative LCD watching or playing your favorite heroes on their journeys of epic proportions to accomplish nothing more than bring you comfort and satisfaction <3<3<3.

Let your mind roam free amogst the stars. Let your imagination guide your lights. Immerse yourself inside the world you created.

Live free... Love free <3<3<3

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Really People? Really?

I guess I will use this blog thingy to vent out some of my frustration huh? My life is becoming a fucking hell right now. Is being gay really so bad? I mean seriously can't those homophobic people just shut the fuck up and let us be? Is it so dang hard to keep yer yap shut?

Okay enough of the ranting for now. wouldn't want this to be the next pick your shrink show huh? XD

So what have you guys been up to yesterday? Did ya prank anybody or did ya get pranked? XD For one I know about Google's little smelling app prank XD

Monday, April 1, 2013

Bring us the girl and wipe away the debt!

Damn guys <3

My preorder for Bioshock Infinite arrived today and I'm having a blast playing it right now <3
But here's the catch since i preordered i also got a Bioshock Infinite T-Shirt as a gift :D

A friend of mine told me that the game is also designed for hardcore players like me so I'm supposed to play on the 1999 mode. I already did a flash play on the easy setting not really paying attention to anything so that i unlocked the 1999 mode. now the fun starts <3 I barely made it through the first two autosaves before i got capped in the head and rezzed back at the savepoint XD

And let me just make something clear. These things are FUCKING CREEPY!

I hope you guys enjoy playing this game if you bought/preordered it but if you didn't i recommend that you do :P It's well worth the money <3