Sunday, December 1, 2013

Be strong, for those around you may carry faces of hurt...

How can you tell when your life has become meaningless?
When will you realize nobody cares?
What will you do when you are left alone?
Who will you turn to when there is noone by your side?
Will you struggle in hope of a better tomorrow?
Or will you use what courage you have left and change things today?

- Yunor

What choice will you make when your time comes? Will you be the hero everyone needs or will you cower like the rest? Ignorant to the hurt and pain around you for as long as you can remain happy?

These kinds of questions are what save many from commiting suicide. They say that suicide is a cowards escape but in reality it takes inhuman ammounts of courage to actually pull the trigger. If you know somebody who is hurting right now, somebody who is in desperate need for love and affection, go to them and be the pillar of trust and comfort that has been destroyed underneath their feet. Be corageous and change the world. One person at a time...

Live free... Love free...

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